The United Overseas Fund Corporation is the International Project Development and Monetary Management Worldwide.

It is the world wide most important niche of economic development and equilibrium of wealth in substantial project and monetary management organization.

The UFC has maintained its global networks and expertise within its achievements aiming at social and economic growth with a view to gaining common wealth as totally desired to reach.

All were due to the fact that the UFC are really called for and obsessed that poverty, living in misery, sustaining uncertainty, economic turmoil and other financial difficulties and disaster  inflicting regional and global economic downturn and sharp decline in almost economic and financial undertaking  and hence the UFC which were not affected by these unprecedented challenges are still in un-diminishing strength and unwavering commitment to surely stepping up positive-ness of solutions.

The UFC is henceforth to affirm and cultivate and adhere a large variety of rescue patterns and program as from the feasibility study to accomplishment of the intended projects amid social, economic and financial basis encompassing: mining, energy, agriculture, fishery, public works and forestry that are specified into: the chemical and basic industries, variety of industries , consumption of industries, properties and real estate, infrastructure, utility and transportation, finance, trading, services and investments.

The such grand scale set forth is based on trust, mutual benefit and prospective market coped with the scrupulous and professional management for achievement once and for all and a gateway for common wealth.

The UFC has constantly seen signs of let up in most of the entire global fiscal and monetary crisis as the result of mismanagement in the financing, trading and industrial corporate activities bearing malice. Such poses challenges to The UFC to reform and raise hopes and bring relief for rally in prosperous economic development and growth.

The UFC’S resurgence of the western world economic crisis impacting and immersing the north, south and part of the east regions with its stimulus measures will certainly gain ground. It is to boost welfare due to having aided in maximizing investments opportunities and strategic solutions. The UFC has always been boosted by its successful fundraising haul and a thorough and thriving management to help solve the financial and economic turmoil and difficulties in the regional and international scope of works.

The UFC is hence honored and well recognized as the most needed and leading financial and investment services management group and is growing to its valuable existence to be well positioned to help provide innovative and comprehensive solution in the entire financial and economic development aiming to common wealth within a sustainable balanced and stability of human life in the whole aspects as basic solicitation.

The UFC is constantly to dedicate its achievement and progress over the decades to all partners and prospects worldwide. The trust delivered to The UFC will assuredly inspire to lead the best way and do shape the better future of human life through the whole social economic development and growth adhered by sustaining stability,

As The UFC has accomplished its objectives due to its strategic program to learn the past and own the confidence and be liable for reform. The swing to continent wide austerity in early 2011 was really the cause of down turn in European finance and economy. Such economy shrank and limped in America, Euro Zone and others need rescue assistance amid The Respective State of Central Banks, IBRD, IMF, IFC, OECF, ECDG, USAID, ODA, ADB, and other International Financial Groups , P To P or G To G including but not limited to The UFC to preserve from such uncertainty heading into recession and endeavoring hard to drive those that do suffer economic disturbance to the world’s economy forward.

The UFC has worked hard through the decades maintaining prosperity and economy stability as key of ability to survive the challenges of globalization

The UFC has also ultimately advised to under-developed and emerging peoples to accelerate and boost infrastructure investments, increasing domestic consumption , proactive fiscal and prudent monetary policy for a rebounding gross domestic product growth . Its advisory team has its achievement and regain public trust in financial world.

The UFC has always watched and eyed a great deal of global programs facing frost and grapple no execution and finally tend to down turn of economic growth and crisis. Hence The UFC comes and attunes with differed auspicious solution that brings into existence from one source to wit The UFC coming many beginnings of achievement.

The UFC is committed to bestow a strong motivation world wide to its partners and those who need patronage ending weak economy and bring to grow into best services of beneficially developing sphere.

The UFC has fully realized on the global existence of issue entirely and to undertake amid its responsibility of the ultimate principles to the current world and the future, it is therefore The UFC will engage its corporate affirmative worth by entering into easing and even ending the down-trodden economy and accomplishing welfare by means of our confidence of its excellent services, professionalism, integrity, honor, smartness, trust and dedication.

The best and most welcome resolute encouragement of solution and rescue of economic and financial disturbance widely and entirely offered by The UFC is the full transformation program on success and wealth through the UFC’S thorough management and dedication – Hence the UFC is a threshold to deliver increment of growth of differentiated sectors of economy and finance and develop future growth segments as the unfolding undertaking.

Alluding to the aforesaid ultimate description, the UFC has its Basic Formula to help solve the regional and global issue on economic and financial problems to wit:

What is the Difficulty / Problem?  Why is it to occur?  Where does it take place?

When does it happen? Who are behind and responsible? And How to solve and even totally to end ?
in another words:

5W + 1 H  (5W1H)

Should there be any services required,
The UFC is most welcome to help solve once and for all.

The UFC would like to extend its sincerest thanks and appreciation for all contributions bestowed to its continuing success in transforming the downturn to upturn of common wealth.